21k Gold Price in Bangladesh

21k Gold Price in Bangladesh Today Per Vori, 1 Tola, 1 Gram

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Are You Searching for 21 Carat Gold Price in Bangladesh? As gold prices can fluctuate frequently, you have come to us today in search of 21k Gold Prices Per Vori. First, we must learn how many grams there are in 1 Vori of gold weight measurement units such as grams, Ounces, Tolas, Voris, and Ana. However, in Bangladesh Tola, Voris, and Ana are widely utilized units.

What Is the 21k Gold Price in Bangladesh Per Vori Today?

According to BAJUS, today’s 21 Carat Gold price in Bangladesh per Gram (CADMIUM HALLMARKED GOLD) stands at approx 97,042 Taka.

Gold UnitPrice in BD
1 Vori 21K87,042 BDT
1 Gram 21K7,645 BDT
1 Tola 21K87,042 BDT
1 Ounce 21K1,93,063 BDT
1 Kilo 21K6,815,000 BDT

Gold in Bangladesh can be measured using Vori (11 grams), Ana (11.66 Grams), Tola (1 Tola = 16 Ana and 96 Roti); An Ana = 6 Rotis and An Ounce is 31.1034 grams = 2.43 Voris (3.746 Ounces). Below is the Price Chart of 21K Gold Price in Bangladesh Today

According to Bangladesh Jeweller’s Association (BAJUS), recent updates on 21K Gold Prices in Bangladesh can be seen by selecting different units.

What Is the 21k Gold Price in Bangladesh Today?

Today’s 1 Tola 21K Gold Price in Bangladesh is approximately 87,042 Tk per Tola (77 grams of 21K Gold). In recent times the 21k Gold Price per Vori has also seen an increase and stands currently at approximately 87,042 Tk ( 87 tonnes in 2023).

21k Gold Price in Bangladesh Today per Gram Today’s 21K gold price per gram in Bangladesh is an approximate of 6,815 TK.

FAQ About 21 Carat Gold Price in Bangladesh

Why the Price of 21k Gold Has Increased in Bangladesh

There can be several causes behind an increase in 21k gold price in Bangladesh. These may include global economic factors like inflation or weakening of a currency; as well as more specific causes like tensions in the Middle East or political instability within a specific nation; however it appears likely that recent increases may have come about through both global and domestic factors combined.

When is 21k Gold Price in Bangladesh Likely to Decline?

Gold prices in Bangladesh may decrease if the global market experiences decreased demand or an increase in supply, respectively. Check Also 18k, 22k & 24k Gold Price in Bangladesh for further comparison.

Summary on 21k Gold Price in Bangladesh 21k gold prices vary in Bangladesh according to weight and purity; 21k refers to 87.5% pure gold mixed with 12.5% alloyed with other metals, and can be used to craft beautiful necklaces featuring 21k material that comes with matching chain and earrings sets. As of January 2023, one Vori of 21k Gold in Bangladesh cost around 87,042 Taka per Gram of gold which represents an increase of 1215 from previous week’s BDT 6,630 per gram price!

Disclaimer: 21k Gold Price in Bangladesh Today per Vori has been collected from Bangladesh Jewelry Shomiti BAJUS, local shops, and news channels; however we can not guarantee all information here is 100% accurate due to human error; always visit Official Pages, Local Shops or Dealers for exact and comprehensive price quotes of 21k Gold prices.

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