Discover the Timeless Elegance of the 1933 Dodge DP Coupe

Discover the Timeless Elegance of the 1933 Dodge DP Coupe

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Step into a bygone era of automotive elegance with the remarkable 1933 Dodge DP. Characterized by its graceful silhouette, adorned with captivating wood-spoked wheels, sweeping fenders, and a distinctive rear-mounted spare tire, this automotive masterpiece stands as a hidden treasure, often overshadowed by its more popular Ford counterparts. Beneath its hood lies a refined 201 cubic inch engine, effortlessly generating 75 horsepower, a testament to its engineering prowess.

In the annals of automotive history, the 1933 Dodge DP series, although less celebrated than its contemporaries, etched its mark by rolling out over 100,000 vehicles, encompassing an array of styles such as sedans, roadsters, and the exquisite coupe we unveil today, a captivating find courtesy of Classic Car Rescue.

Nestled within the confines of a machine shed in the serene landscapes of northwest Iowa, this Dodge coupe emerges from a 56-year slumber, its legacy shrouded in mystery until now. A genuine piece of automotive heritage, this vehicle has been cherished by a single family since its inception, as evidenced by its odometer reading of 51,000 miles. While the accuracy of this figure may be debatable, a serendipitous discovery in the form of a 1962 oil change sticker, still adorning the door jamb, attests to the credibility of the mileage.

Emerging into the daylight once more, this coupe astonishes with its well-preserved, unrestored condition. A thick veil of dust and grime may cloak its ebony paint, yet the robust structure beneath remains unblemished, a testament to the enduring craftsmanship of its era. Its resilience rivals even the illustrious 1924 Dodge Brothers Coupe, which emerged unscathed after an astounding 83-year repose.

The narrative takes a fascinating turn within the cabin, where nature’s capricious inhabitants—be it bears, mice, or the ingenious raccoons—have inscribed their own chapter. Evidently, these resourceful critters breached the sanctity of the passenger door, leaving behind a trail of destruction that claimed the front seat’s upholstery. However, this setback does little to mar the overall splendor of the well-appointed tan interior, resplendent in its authenticity. Behold the elegant ensemble, complete with a Motorola radio, a rearview mirror adorned with a clock, and a discreet cigarette lighter.

In the year 1933, this exquisite Dodge DP Coupe commanded a modest base price of $595, an equivalent sum of approximately $13,500 in today’s currency. Today, the rarity of encountering any 1933 Dodge is palpable, a truth evident upon perusing the prestigious Hemmings and the captivating Bring A Trailer platforms. A cursory glance reveals that six-cylinder Dodge vehicles spanning 1927 to 1938 seamlessly change hands for a handsome $30,000 to $40,000, provided they wear the cloak of good condition.

As we turn our gaze back to the 1933 Dodge before us, a newfound allure emanates after its first cleansing in 56 years. A subtle patina graces its exterior, and proudly affixed to its frame is an Iowa license plate dating back to 1965, a relic of times gone by. Every essential fragment endures, from the luminous lights to the ornate trim, from the unassuming gas cap to the intricate interior facets. With a dedicated restoration, both mechanical and interior, this 1933 Dodge stands poised to ascend the echelons of classic automotive excellence, a testament to its enduring charm and allure on the open road.

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