HSC BM Result 2023

HSC BM Result 2023 [ BTEB BM Result ]

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The Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) is a crucial stage in a student’s educational journey in Bangladesh. The results of this examination determine the eligibility of students for higher education and future job prospects. The Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) is the governing body responsible for conducting the HSC BM (Business Management) examination and releasing the results. In this article, we will delve into the BTEB system and how it impacts the HSC BM result.

Understanding the BTEB System

The Bangladesh Technical Education Board was established in 1979 with the primary objective of managing and regulating technical education in Bangladesh. The BTEB is responsible for conducting HSC BM and other technical examinations, as well as granting affiliations to colleges and institutions offering technical education.

The BTEB operates through a network of nine regional boards spread across the country, each of which is responsible for conducting the HSC BM examination in their respective regions. The BTEB sets the syllabus for the HSC BM examination and supervises the examination process to ensure its fairness and impartiality.

HSC BM Result 2023

Name of Exam:HSC BM
Exam Start Date:06 November 2022
Exam End Date:06 December 2022
HSC BM Result Publish Date:08 February 2023

BTEB HSC BM Result 2023 Date

A few days ago, HSC examine is very curious about their HSC Exam Result. Because HSC is the most important examination in the student’s career. Because a student can get a chance to admit to a popular public university after passing HSC Exam with a brilliant result.

HSC BM Result 2023 has been published on 8 February 2023 according to the announcement. The announcement was published by the Ministry of Bangladesh Higher Secondary Education Board. The result will be open at exactly 12 PM on this day. Then students can get their results from the official website and also from our website at AllResultNet.Com.

How to Check Technical Board HSC Exam Result?

Now, this is the trending question of Technical Board/BM students “How to check the result”? The result-checking process is also too much important for everyone. When I was HSC Examine, this time I was looking for the same solution. If you like me, so don’t worry dear! Here I am going to share some very easy processes for you. This process will help you to collect your result with a simple click.

The HSC BM Examination

The HSC BM examination is typically conducted in the month of February and the results are usually declared in the month of April. The examination consists of two parts: written and practical. The written examination comprises multiple choice questions and short answer questions, while the practical examination tests the students’ hands-on skills and application of theoretical knowledge.

The HSC BM examination covers a wide range of topics, including financial accounting, principles of management, business law, and marketing management. The syllabus is designed to test the students’ understanding of the subject matter, as well as their ability to apply their knowledge to real-life scenarios.

Download HSC BM 2023 Result PDF

The Education Board Result Gov BD is the first website of the Bangladesh Education Board that provides JSC, SSC, HSC Results. This is a very strong website that will help you to collect the HSC Exam Result 2023 of the Technical Board. Just follow the process to check your results from this website. let’s Download the HSC BM Result 2023 PDF.

The Importance of HSC BM Result

The HSC BM result holds a significant impact on the future of students. A good result can open up many doors for students, such as the opportunity to pursue higher education in the field of business management or secure a good job in the corporate sector. On the other hand, a poor result can limit a student’s future prospects and hinder their chances of success.

It is, therefore, crucial for students to perform well in the HSC BM examination and secure a good result. This requires a strong foundation in the subject matter, as well as a good understanding of the examination pattern and marking scheme.

Steps to Check HSC BM Result

The HSC BM result is usually made available online on the official website of the BTEB. Students can check their result by following the steps listed below:

  1. Visit the official website of the BTEB: http://bteb.gov.bd/
  2. Click on the “Results” tab
  3. Select the “HSC BM Result” option
  4. Enter your examination roll number and registration number
  5. Click on the “Submit” button
  6. Your result will be displayed on the screen

It is advisable to take a printout of the result for future reference.


In conclusion, the HSC BM examination and its result play a crucial role in determining the future prospects of students in Bangladesh. The BTEB system is responsible for conducting the examination and releasing the results, and it is important for students to have a good understanding of the system and the examination pattern. By following the steps to check the HSC BM result and performing well in the examination, students can secure a bright future and achieve their career aspirations.

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