PGA Tour denies renewal of membership to LIV affiliated players

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The announcement, which was reported earlier on the same daytime by Sports Illustrated, means the LIV players won’t be permitted to participate in PGA Tour events in the 2022-2023 season. This comes after players who had signed up to LIV league, which is backed by Saudi Arabia LIV league were permanently banned from playing on the PGA Tour in June.

The spokesperson for the PGA informed CNBC they are not eligible for renewal due to their agreements with LIV prohibit them from adhering to the requirements for membership.

Players like Phil Mickelson had filed an antitrust suit with the PGA Tour in early August following bans by the league. The lawsuit alleged unfair competition practices. It is believed that the Justice Department is also investigating the PGA Tour in the event of antitrust-related violations. Mickelson is a LIV player has previously enjoyed an annual membership on the tour, having won 20 times over the course of 15 seasons.

The latest decision comes just following the PGA Tour announced significant changes which were viewed as a way to maintain player loyalty and be more competitive against the deep pocketed LIV league.

The changes included an increase in prize money, increased benefits for players, and a promise to be among the top players on tour to participate for at minimum 20 times each year.

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