Violent Night (2022) Movie Review

Violent Night (2022) Movie Review

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Violent Night (2022) Movie Review
Violent Night (2022) Movie Review

Is violent night as good as the song Quiet night do you know the song is band? If you do not remember on this site, did I sing Silent Night eight children? I wanted to say peace myself Sit down what’s up movie fans welcome back to my site that was a sketch my school news show was funny probably not but today.

Violent Night Movie

We speak about the brand new David Harbor action film and it’s a violent night. Let’s have an elite group of mercenaries break into a rich family Christmas Eve combination that takes all hostages, but the team is not ready for a surprising fighter and that is Santa Claus. who is in the area and he is going to show why this Nick is no saint.

I see what you did this movie is clearly rated R for intense bloody violence, language, and some sexual references. Oh my god, this might not be a movie you want to take your kids to because along with an insane amount of John Wick-style violence, you also get language and references that make this a very adult picture, but it is.

I think most people over 18 at least will have fun with it now, it’s a story that has its fair share of problems and we’re only going to cover bits of it here, but we’ll just focus on that, which works. like that. well, the story is that when we are with a saint. who are stuck in this house for reasons that make more sense than just me sitting here and saying that because you can ask yourself?

Austin, why can’t he just his sled and fly away well, they’re going to face the problems he’s going to have to try to get out of here. he can’t leave, but he also has one very clear reason why he wants to stay, you see, this is the heart level.

I didn’t expect a reason for Santa to fight outside of himself but has to fight to survive, but he does it for something that was really nice to see, and then on the other hand things really didn’t have. . what Santa is going through, is your own family being held hostage and it’s all because the character of Juan Leguizamo wants the money, but this family also has a little fight. Kind of a family drama that I didn’t really care for I mean it was pretty funny and had some laugh-out-loud moments maybe one or two and then laugh-out-loud moments.

which aren’t as fun but do just enough to keep you interested, but I found myself more interested each time. we would go back to Santa or every time. We would go back to this little girl hidden in another place, so there you go. where is the story, it’s a bit full at points. We also get a little flashback to where Santa came from and maybe. why is he a little worse than? he’s been in other movies besides ed Asner and elf ok this is the best saint you’ve ever seen but let’s talk characters.

Beverly D’Angelo as Gertrude, her presence is felt in this family environment and talking about the family environment. How about Leah Brady as Trudy, she is the heart and soul of and can’t help smiling every time. he’s on screen, but then you have John Leguizamo as Scrooge and that’s the guy. who goes to numbers and will do anything to get what. he wants, but he also has this hatred for Christmas and which he endures.

Santa makes him much wilder, but David Harbor is Santa. Oh my god, he’s so funny and you get those subs. he quietly says oh just. when he laughs but you also get furious calls in between magic tricks are used in fighting when he fights the guy puts his hand in his magic bag which sounded weird and so. he says in the middle of these moments they make you smile, laugh and he steals the show with legazam every time. he is in the movie.

I’m glad to see him and he’s pushing it again here. but the fighting is good is it john wick level well? I won’t put it on the level of choreography and camera moves but you see most everything at least everything that needs to be seen happens the choreography is great. The kills are brutal they don’t hold back uh don’t show you anything you’re interested in it’s like hey I want to see this guy’s head get smashed oh sweet or cut off or stabbed so if you like if we should watch this,

It’s not just a saint it’s a moment where our young characters take action and not violently but there is a nice long home-alone sequence and sometimes the film depends on those callbacks. other Christmas movies broadly may be a bit too much. I would have liked it to feel more special than oh it is john wick with a saint or oh that series was clearly taken alone at home they are great and funny but most of the movie feels like things.

we’ve seen before in other settings that are just like oh ho oh Santa does it this time too t then you get one-liners bah Humbug mom’s effort and things like that are said. Throughout the movie also that one day it will be a violent night and I’m like he said he said it’s asking badly on the way like why can’t anyone hear in that other room gunshots.

I understand can. people like five rooms don’t hear these loud shots and then they ask about all the money and about the sub-plan that is inside that money. make you feel but at the same time i” Let’s go back, saint. I just didn’t care as much as family or family

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