Alaska’s snow crabs have disappeared. Where they went is a mystery.

There are several theories. Crabs entered Russian waterways. Due to predation, they are now dead.

They ate each other, and now they are dead. Simply put, investigators failed to see the crabs when they crawled off the continental shelf.

That last one, not so much. Everyone does, however, agree that climate change is most likely to blame for the extinction of Alaska's snow crabs.

Marine biologists and people working in the fishing business worry that the abrupt and steep decline of this high-end seafood product is a sign

The surprise struck brothers Sterling and Ashlan Prout as well as Gabriel Prout.

The larger, craggier type of Alaskan king crab, which was the focus of the television program "Deadliest Catch

However, in 2018 and 2019, researchers had what appeared to be good news about Alaska's snow crabs

Prout, 32, and his brothers acquired a portion of the 116-foot Silver Spray by purchasing their father's business partner

They borrowed money and spent $4 million to purchase the rights to a sizable crab harvest

In the Bering Sea, it was a year when many young fishermen transitioned from being deckhands to owners

Everyone believed that the 2021 snow crab season would be quite successful.