Machine Gun Kelly

According to insiders who spoke to TMZ, claims that engaged, self-described "twin flames"

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly secretly dissolved their engagement are completely unfounded

Then, Fox and Kelly furthered that point by engaging in PDA when being spotted yesterday while out for lunch in Brentwood, California

Fox and Kelly were holding hands as they made their way there

You may view pictures from TMZ here

Kelly stood out in a pink cartoon lion top and light blue leggings

while Fox looked put together in a blue sports bra, biker shorts, matching sweater, and a light blue and pink fuzzy hat.

The couple's time apart was explained to TMZ by numerous insiders

According to the publication, "they're doing absolutely fine—no significant concerns

Of course they can't be together all the time. Although they both work and have children, they are reportedly trustworthy.

Fans noticed Kelly hadn't been active on Fox's Instagram since June, and Fox had missed his hometown concert in Cleveland

Over the past two weeks, several publications, including The Sun and Gawker

They were still dating, according to a source who told The Sun in May, but Fox was getting impatient with Kelly's actions

According to the source, "Friends are concerned they may be on the rocks as they have been fighting frequently and irritating each other

For the first year, their relationship was wonderful, but Megan now frequently feels as though she is dealing with an adult child

When she chats to other men, he may become envious easily as well

Due to the public nature of their relationship and the speculations surrounding her pregnancy, they both feel under pressure

Although it hasn't ended yet, Megan's pals believe she would do it.