Are you want to know about Madonna rollerskates here are some important info about Madonna

Madgesty Madgesty went to the roller rink at Central Park on Wednesday night and was surrounded by her entourage to ensure she didn't get her food.

So sheltered from things as normal such as gravity. held an event together with Nile Rodgers at his The Disc Oasis immersive roller rink.

Evidently, it was the legendary disco star who called Madonna's escorts' group to keep the singer from "busting her ass."

Rodgers who wrote the Madonna hit song "Like A Virgin," claimed he was being pressured from his friends to skate during the party and he replied

It required some convincing. He explained to his crew that Madonna was 63 and was hesitant, asking, "What if I bust my tummy?

Then on to the rink they went to the rink. Madonna -with the help of Rodgers and a few of her friendseven made it to the skating rink twice!

Nile Rodgers gave Madonna a hand at The DiscOasis skate rink following a conversation in which she informed him that she wasn't going to let him

One fan made a funny jokethat read "what about those moves from her 'Sorry' video?

On the other side of the rink the pair of Rodgers were dancing in a VIP section , where Questlove performed tunes such as Beyonce as well as Madonna's

While this was happening, Sherri Shepherd was there skating like a pro and celebrating her return in New York for her new talk show for fall.