Despite receiving eight Emmy nods, Moon Knight was one of Marvel's more obscure programs

It occasionally used narrative flashbacks and starred Oscar Isaac, winner of the Golden Globe for best actor, as an Egyptian superhero

In any case, the novel storytelling worked. It also included amazing costumes made by Meghan Kasperlik

Additionally, it wasn't an easy task. In addition to creating the costumes for each of the show's gods,

Kasperlik had to create two different Moon Knight outfits.

She clearly nailed it because she received an Emmy nomination for her efforts.

However, it turns out that she got assistance—from none other than Isaac himself, as reported by Collider

The two talked at length about the outfits, according to her, and felt it was crucial that Isaac's outfit for Steven matched the Brixton neighborhood

He needed to look somewhat fashionable for living there, but not fashionable enough for others to notice him, she explained.