Rogue One Star Wars

a Star Wars prequel A preview of the prequel series Andor will be included in Rogue One when movie returns to theaters.

A New Hope is returning to theaters. Rogue One will return to 150 IMAX cinemas in the US on August 26, 2022

The first three episodes of Andor will finally premiere on Disney+ on September 21 following a delay

so it's currently unclear what that sneak peek will contain. However, it will arrive almost a full month before the series.

Jyn Erso, a young lady who finds herself assisting the faltering rebels in a scheme to bring down a planet-destroying superweapon you may have heard

Rogue One, which debuted in 2016 to positive reviews, was the first of Lucasfilm's Star Wars spin-offs.

Despite the audience already knowing that the film's main goal would be accomplished, it effectively delivers thrills, tension, and real stakes.

Gareth Edwards demonstrated that these spinoffs can be quite exciting and contribute to the massive modern comeback of Star Wars

The movie generated an astonishing $1.05 billion in worldwide box office revenue and inspired the future Andor series

Tickets for Rogue One's IMAX release are currently available at participating IMAX theaters as well as Fandango.

A movie loaded with fan service, but when fan service is done this effectively, there's little to complain about and lots to enjoy,