Surely the Democrats have a backup plan to Kamala Harris

My interpretation of the tea leaves suggests that the political landscape is changing around us, from the humiliating loss of Rep

Liz Cheney (R-Wyo. ), about whom the partisan left couldn't care less except to use her as a weapon to hammer Donald Trump

I do, however, see a political recalibration happening, regardless of who gains

The American people, who represent the most potent special interest group in the country, appear to have called for an urgent reevaluation.

The real-world issues that people in power are either causing or failing to address are crushing these Americans

Returning to Hollywood for a moment, Michael Douglas' portrayal of fictional President Andrew Shepherd in the film

The American President" makes the apt statement, "Everyone knows America isn't easy. American citizenship is advanced

We need serious individuals to solve our serious problems because they are serious problems