The daughter of Jon Bon Jovi

Stephanie Rose was Bon Jovi's little princess when she was born, but lately, she has been giving him a run for his money

Stefanie Rose, his daughter, is demonstrating in numerous ways that she is no longer his little girl.

She is no longer dependent on her father, and she no longer exudes the ideal daddy's daughter feel either.

There are a few things that Bon Jovi undoubtedly wants the audience to forget, like the drug use of his young daughter.

He writes poems that inspire others and works to change the world, but he wasn't prepared for his daughter's struggles with addiction

That does not imply that he did not assist her. When she needed assistance, she initially phoned him.

Despite everything they've been through together, she will always remain his little girl, whether she likes it or not

Here's a peek inside Stephanie's life as Jon Bon Jovi's daughter.

Being the first child of Bon Jovi and his wife Dorothea Hurley, Stefanie was always going to hold a special place in her parents' hearts.

She was undoubtedly her father's little daughter because she grew up with three brothers.

As Bon Jovi famously remarked, "I didn't have any sisters." "On the first day, we bring this girl home

What's next? The handbook is missing. No manual was available

In order to prevent her from falling, you do your best to raise her and shower her with hugs and kisses.

"I Got The Girl," a song the rock musician penned in 2000 with Stephanie in mind, was included on the album Crush by his band.

Home movies of Stephanie dancing as a child would play in the background each time the band performed the song live